About cackle

What is cackle?

Cackle is a comment system with the ability to authenticate via a social network or any OpenID provider. Cackle can be easily installed on any blog, news portal or personal website. To use the system, your users don't need to register, they can log in using the existing profile in any social network, or leave a comment anonymously.

At the now Cackle supports 18 social and OpenID providers for authentication, among them: Google+, Twitter, VKontakte, Yandex, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Mail.ru, Odnoklassniki, LiveJournal, Flickr and many others.

Cackle by the numbers (last updated November, 2015)

What are the advantages cackle?

One of the advantages cackle is crossposting comment in social networks Twitter, VKontakte or Mail.ru. In this case, the wall of social network, published a link to the site where the comment was left this helps to attract new users.

The second important advantage is the reduction of the burden for your site. If you are using native commenting system, it is can lead to significant loss of performance. When using the cackle performance of your site can grow twice.

When was cackle founded?

The idea of ​​create the first comment system contains more than 18 authorization providers, there was the summer 2011. The beta version of cackle out a release October 6, 2011, and in January 2012 we announced version 1.0.

Who are cackle's investors?

Before monetize cackle developed on pure enthusiasm of a small group founders. After the introduction of two paid accounts, we are fully paid for all costs and are willing to invest the money into new cackle features.

I'm really into technology. What's cackle built on?

For business logic, we use a cluster of Java VMs. Java has established itself as an extremely fast and fault-tolerant system. For static resources used a fast proxy server NGINX. For the storage used cluster of PostgreSQL.

The entire system is installed in several distributed across countries data centers: Selectel, Server4You, Hetzner.

Questions? Offers?

Contact us to support@cackle.me.