Comments system

The first comment system with review snippet indexed and equally beautiful design for mobile and desktop browsers.

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Comments system

Main features

Snippet for ratings

Your users will vote for their favorite posts - you get the automatic indexing of the site in Google's with review snippet.

Snippet for ratings
Adaptive design

Adaptive design

Comment system adapted to all screen sizes smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop monitors.

Crossposting in the social network

Comments Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, will automatically fall on the wall of social networks with reference to the site thereby increasing traffic.

Crossposting in the social network

Powerful analytics

Analyst comments, users, likes, post publication, a full report and a log of the work of the moderators.

All the possibilities

In real time

Comments, edit, delete, huskies, moderation, private messaging - updated in real time, which makes it possible to use comments to the interactive activities: seminars, webinars.

Storage in your database

When using any plugin (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, 1C-Bitrix, DLE, InstantCms) All comments are stored in a database on your server. Without preservation kommenatriev plugin can be configured through the API

A single authorization

A single authorization allows you logged on to your website users to be automatically logged in to Cackle and post comments with your avatar, name and a link to the profile

Full-text search

Moderators can find any comment in seconds by typing in a search word or a sentence. Also supports fuzzy search for parts or similar words

Your letter template

Ability to specify the sender's name, logo and signature in e-mail notifications about new comments to your users


The ability to remove the link and logo Cackle of the widget to make it more individual

Rating snippet

The widget supports comments microdata of ratings and comments through this happening faster indexing.


Cackle widget supports English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Spanish, German, Italian, a famous French, Greek, Dutch, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Kazakh, Georgian

Social integration

Authorization through popular social networks: BK, OK, My World, FB, Twitter, G +, automatic Crossposting wall, sharinga


Detailed analyst comments, likes, dizlaykov, social and anonymous users, publications, statistics and log work moderators

Adaptive design

Comment system adapted to all screen sizes smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop monitors


Any user can mark a comment as spam or a complaint, which greatly facilitate the work of the moderators

SPAM protection

Noting the comments as "Spam" Spam protection remember your action in the future such comments and the like will be automatically marked as "spam". There is also support for Akismet

Google reCaptcha 2

Support Google reCaptcha API 2.0 to avoid a complicated process of making the captcha comments to anonymous users as easy as possible

Support for HTTPS

The system automatically determines the protocol comments browser and loads the data via SSL using the site HTTPS


Flexible configuration editing and deleting comments to the authors: allow, deny, allow for a few minutes


Authorized users can vote for the selected comment as raising and lowering his overall rating


Ability to upload images (png, jpg, gif), video detection Youtube, Vimeo, presentation of Google, SlideShare direct display in the comments

E-mail notifications

E-mail notifications of new comments, replies subscription. Function confirmation Email after authorization if the social network does not send Email

Mini widgets

In addition to the comments provided by the system: Recent Comments widget, the widget number of comments, login widget, the widget moderation

Anonymous authentication

Any user can log in anonymously enter your name and, if necessary, Email. Anonymous authentication is retained even after you close your browser

Moderation in the widget

Moderator has the ability to approve, reject, edit, delete all the comments and ban the user directly to the page with the widget without having to go to the administration panel

Nesting answers

You can configure any number of nested comments from 1 to infinity. On the last level of nesting comments will go after each other


Ability to set a certain number of comments on the page

Its icon avatar

The ability to use its credit default avatar icon for unauthorized and anonymous users

Mirrors, subdomains

A widget can be used in comments on subdomains and mirrors the main site

Recognition links

You can display the link as plain text or as a clickable hyperlink

API for developers

Extensive integration of non-standard problems: its design, multiple widgets on a single page, AJAX initialization, synchronization comments, SSO

Its text

You can change the name of any element of the widget, making comments system, for example in the form of question and answer


Via Email option to subscribe to comments on any page with a widget

Easy administration panel

Moderation of comments in real time with Tray and sound notifications. Group operations, full-text search, search by author, IP, all on the page at the time of the ban to the cause, prevention, information about the browser and other features.

comments admin

Installation takes a minute

1. Create a widget

2. Select the platform: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, WIX, 1C-Bitrix, DLE, InstantCms or copy a universal code

3. Import the existing comments