Service surveys

Easy to install the service allows you to create any polls on your site with the ability to vote through social networks, IP or browser Cookie.

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Service surveys

All the possibilities

Polls authorization

Voting in a poll authorization social network: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World, Yandex, Twitter, Google+, and others


Ability to add polls to image (png, jpg, gif), video YouTube, Vimeo, presentation of Google, SlideShare direct mapped in the survey

A single authorization

Allows you logged on to your website users to be automatically authorized in the widget polls and vote without re-authorization by the social network

Modes of voting

Supports three modes of voting in the polls: through a social network, anonymously Cookie Browser, anonymous IP address

The result of the vote

Supports three modes show the outcome of the vote: after the vote show the result shows the results after the close of the poll, always show results

The duration of the survey

Duration of the survey can be specified in minutes or a maximum number of votes

API for developers

Extensive integration of non-standard problems: its design, several polls on the same page, AJAX, SSO


The ability to remove the link and logo Cackle of the widget to make it more individual

Support for HTTPS

Polls Widget automatically determines the protocol and the browser loads the data via SSL using the site HTTPS

Installation takes a minute

1. Register your site

2. Create a poll

3. Copy the universal code of the widget to the site survey