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The first online consultant for the site does not require complicated installation and desktop applications running in any browser. Start advise your clients right now!

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Live Chat

Main features

Social authorization

The first live chat with support of social user authorization. It is also possible to start a conversation anonymously.

Social authorization
Getting data about the customer

Getting data about the customer

After a social chat client authentication, the operator gets his information: link to the profile of the social network name, photos, email. Such information polzovolyaet operator: to target customers more precisely and suggestions for contact information, to discipline the behavior of customers

Offline messages

If all operators are offline, the consultant automatically switches to receive messages. Each message will be sent to the email with the reference operator to start a dialogue

Offline messages
Active sales

Active sales

Active sales allow you to set the time and text messages after which the visitor will see the invitation for dialogue with the operator

With the API, you can create more complex scenario window appears invitations depending on user behavior and the current page

All the possibilities

Without desktop client

Operator Panel online consultant Cackle runs in any browser and does not require complicated installation desktop application on your computer


Ability to add up to 3 moderators at 1 site. The number of moderators increases to 3 depending on the number of sites, Site 2 - 6 modoretars, 3 - 9 and t. D


Ability to change the name and photo of the operator, location, badge, text, and window color consultant posts default operator logo, time of occurrence of the welcome window

Transfer dialog

The consultant can transmit a dialogue with other operators' customers. Also, the client has the opportunity to switch to a different adviser if its operator has become offline

History dialogues

Each operator can find and see the completed dialogue with their customers

Rating operator

Each client has the opportunity to evaluate the work of the operator putting his rating on the 5-point scale

Email Notifications

If all operators are offline, messages and contact details of customers will come to email advisers with a link to start a dialogue

Tray notification

If you receive a new message both parties dialogue, the client and the operator is prepared tray and sound notifications


The ability to remove the link and logo Cackle of the widget to make it more individual


If the customer does not behave correctly, the operator can use the ban, then client message will be ignored

Support for HTTPS

Online consultant protocol automatically detects the browser and loads the data via SSL using the site HTTPS

Saving history

History of the correspondence stored on the operator's side, so the window customer advisor

API for developers

Extensive integration of non-standard tasks: complex scenario of active sales, its sound notifications, design, multiple widgets on a single page, AJAX

Save position

When you go to a different page size and position of the window is retained consultant

Chat page

Chat is located on the page and does not require a separate browser window

Convenient operator panel

Online or offline status, setting tray and sound notifications, edit the name and photo of the operator, the history of completed dialogues, complete information about the user including IP, OS, browser, country and city, banks, transfer the dialogue to another operator

live chat admin

Installation takes a minute

1. Create a widget

2. Select the platform: WordPress, 1C-Bitrix, WIX or copy a universal code that is suitable for any site

3. In your browser, go to the operator panel and start to advise your clients