Reviews system

85% of users are studying reviews before you buy something. The system of collecting feedback Cackle Reviews will collect feedback from users and social Anonymous and Follow Up Mailing.

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Reviews system

Main features

Snippet for reviews

All responses are automatically indexed in Google out of the box, in addition to the search result snippet gets rated as asterisks

Snippet for reviews
Adaptive design

Adaptive design

Design reviews of the same cool look in the smartphone, tablet or desktop browser

Subscribe after purchase

A few days after the purchase, the customer receives a letter with an invitation to provide feedback on the product. After the publication reviews the user receives a letter of thanks, which can be a promotional code or discount

follow up email
follow up email

Unique functionality

Cackle Reviews only system of collecting feedback, which provides the ability to publish reviews directly from the Follow Up letter without going to the site. On average, this increases the conversion of 20%

All the possibilities


The possibility of moderation and user reviews: approve, delete, edit, warning, ban, white list

Crossposting in the social network

Reviews VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, My World will automatically fall on the wall of social networks with reference to the site thereby increasing traffic

Storage in your database

When using any plug-in (1C-Bitrix, Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop) all comments are stored in a database on your server. No plug-preservation reviews can be configured through the API

A single authorization

A single authorization allows you logged on to your website users to be automatically logged in to Cackle and leave comments with your avatar, name and a link to the profile

Verified buyer

Reviews from real buyers marked with a special sign "Verified buyer." Such reviews maximize trust and increase sales


The ability to remove the link and logo Cackle of the widget to make it more individual

Your template Follow Up

You can change any part of the template Follow Up Letters: name and address of the sender, subject, logo, message body, the signature

A letter of thanks

The ability to send a letter containing a promotion code or a link to offer a token of gratitude immediately after the publication of the revocation


We conduct detailed analytics Follow Up emails: delivery, discovery, published reviews, the conversion count

Review snippet

The reviews system support microdata of ratings and reviews through this happening faster indexing


Any review can be commented on by the author, administrator, or any of your users. Comments from the administration marked with a special badge, the name of which can be changed

Repeated reviews

Ability to leave more product reviews one user over time, such as a month or six months. Clients often change their views over time

Full-text search

Moderators can find any review in seconds by typing in a search word or a sentence. Also supports fuzzy search for parts or similar words


The system of collecting feedback Cackle supports English, Russian, Polish

Social integration

Authorization through popular social networks: BK, OK, My World, FB, Twitter, G +, automatic Crossposting wall, sharinga

Adaptive design

The system reviews all adapted to the screen size of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop monitors


Anyone, even an authorized user can vote for the selected review making it more useful or useless vice versa


Ability to upload images (png, jpg, gif), video detection Youtube, Vimeo, presentation of Google, SlideShare direct mapping in a review

SPAM protection

Noting the review as "Spam" Spam protection remember your action in the future such reviews and the like will be automatically marked as "spam". There is also support for Akismet

Google reCaptcha 2

Support Google reCaptcha API 2.0 to avoid complicated captcha making the process of publishing a comment to anonymous users as easy as possible

Support for HTTPS

The system of collecting feedback automatically determines the protocol and the browser loads the data via SSL using the site HTTPS

E-mail notifications

Mail notification of new reviews. Function confirmation Email after authorization if the social network does not send Email

Mini widgets

In addition, the system provides reviews: widget recent review rating widget to the home page, login widget, the widget moderation

Anonymous authentication

Any user can log in anonymously enter your name and, if necessary, Email. Anonymous authentication is retained even after you close your browser


The ability to assign up to three additional moderators administration reviews for each site


Ability to sort comments by date, rating, while preserving the usefulness of the settings in the client browser


Ability to set a certain number of reviews on a page

API for developers

Extensive integration of non-standard problems: its design, multiple widgets on a single page, AJAX initialization, synchronization reviews, SSO

Its icon avatar

The ability to use its credit default avatar icon for unauthorized and anonymous users

Its text

You can change the name of any element of the widget individual reviews for more integration with the site

Convenient panel moderation

Moderation of comments in real-time with Tray and sound notifications. Group operations, full-text search, search by author, IP, all on the page at the time of the ban to the cause, prevention, information about the browser and other features

reviews admin

Installation takes a minute

1. Create a widget

2. Select the platform: 1C-Bitrix, InSales, Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WIX or copy a universal code